Sunday, January 4, 2009

Resolution Resolved

Day 61

My two week vacation ends in a few short hours, but I must say I'm ready to go back. In addition to the typical holiday madness, I managed to paint two bedrooms in the house and basically turn the basement into livable space. I also inherited three new computers and spent most of this past weekend getting my collection (my wife fondly refers to our house is the place where computers go to die) up and working.

I currently have four machines that are all happily communicating with each other. To keep track, they have been named after characters from The Simpsons and they all received wallpaper likenesses. Tomorrow's post will be more on how I managed this, specifically with the Eee PC, but for now, here is the latest family portrait. Dell Latitude Milhouse, Dell Desktop Lisa, Eee PC Bart, and HP Pavilion Homer.

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