Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to Xandros

Day 77

I have seriously trashed the eee in the past, and I really don't want to have to hit the F9 key at bootup ever again. It just takes too long to get things set up again.
- John MacGibbon

John posted that comment last Thursday, and I know his pain all too well. I have removed gOS from my Eee, and am once again using Xandros in advanced mode. This marks the second time I have abandoned another operating system and retreated back to the default OS for the Eee.

Here's the strange thing - every time I restore Xandros, I fail to reinstall a program that previously had no problem installing. I already lamented in several posts about the loss of kTorrent after I wiped the Eee while trying to install Ubuntu-Eee. I am now experiencing the same frustrations with video/audio player VLC.

I had it installed before, and I know I'm installing from the same source because I used my original post as a tutorial.

So John, consider yourself lucky.

This is what it looks like when I try to install VLC on my restored Eee.

3 thoughts :

  1. John MacGibbon said...

    What a bummer about VLC. I just installed it again last week. I can't remember how I did it except that I got some instructions at eeeuser forum about getting the correct repository, and then installed it with Synaptic.

    You weren't tempted to put Mint on your eee? I just replaced Ubuntu with Mint on our 'Internet cafe' desktop and it seems much nicer. Nicer than gOS too.

  2. John. said...

    I downloaded the Mint iso and uses Unetbootin to make it bootable on a usb drive, but it never made it past the splash screen on the Eee. I've heard great things about Mint - maybe I'll give it another go at a later point.

    I have gOS on a few other computers around the house, and I'm not in love with it. Since they all have optical drives, maybe I'll try Mint on there first.

  3. Anonymous said...

    You're probably using the stable repository in your sources file. Change it to etch instead. This should resolve the problem installing VLC. Now, if only I could find a pre-built version for Xandros later than 0.8.6a... sigh