Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Day 22

Web site keyboardr is an as-you-type search mashup of Google (including blog and image search), Wikipedia, and YouTube with blazing speed. Once you see a result you like, just use your arrow keys to navigate to the result, then hit Enter to open it.
- Lifehacker

One of my earlier gripes about navigating around the Eee was the inevitable hand cramps that resulted from the tiny keyboard and touch pad. This is particularly noticeable while surfing the web.

I may have found a solution to this problem while visiting my favorite social bookmarking site, Delicious. Keyboardr is a new homepage that can search, navigate, and select all from the keyboard. This is convenient on any computer, but even moreso on the Eee. It was just released, and it's clear there are some bugs. Hopefully these will be worked out, and a few more options will be added, but for right now, keyboardr is a nice remedy to the hand strain caused by the Eee's cramped real estate.

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