Thursday, November 13, 2008

Microsoft Publisher and Linux

Day 10

I ran into my first brick wall using the Eee PC. My team at school recently decided to hold a small awards ceremony to mark the end of the first 10 weeks. We chose students for high achievement and effort, and one of the teachers created award certificates using Microsoft Publisher. During our team meeting, she wanted to show us her design, so she popped her flash drive into my Eee. Nothing recognized the .pub file.

The woes of Publisher is a familiar one for Linux users. I went through this same predicament last year while using Ubuntu. Users looking to do desktop publishing will find solace in Scribus, however it did me no good in regard to our student award files - Scribus is unable to open .pub files.

How big of a problem is this for potential Asus customers? No very. After all, how often does the average user even open Publisher? For those that use it often, go with Scribus. It's quite similar. Just don't plan on pulling up old projects done with Microsoft Publisher.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    this eee PC user just found your post while tring to find out weather or not mine could open publisher files... guess not... Darn.