Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Comments and Santa

Day 35

Cybermoron from the EeeUser forum informed me that comments weren't working (thanks, Steve!), so if you were interesting in sharing your thoughts, please do so - the problem has been fixed. And here I thought I was writing to myself! At least I know it was a problem with the comments on my blog and not with the content. I was afraid it was coming across as tasteless or obscene.

The approaching holiday season has given me an opportunity to do a little street team work for the Eee PC. For the past month it has gone pretty much everywhere with me; it has raised some eyebrows, and sparked some interesting conversations. I've made sure to contribute to these honestly and fairly, revealing all the cons as well as pros to owning this little guy. Most agree that the positive outweighs the negative; I know of at least two Asus Eee PCs that have been purchased because of me - One of my colleagues purchased one for each of her two children. There were others that had only heard whispers of these things known as netbooks, and I'd like to think I shed enough light on the subject to persuade them to seriously consider buying one to put under the Christmas tree.

If you've managed to avoid the naughty list this year, here's why you should ask Santa for an Asus Eee PC.

  • Excellent battery life - With screen brightness at about 60% and wireless on, I get almost 4 hours of intermittent use before needing to plug in.
  • Basic Mode & Advanced Mode - With Xandros Linux you get something not available on Windows - a choice for user interface.
  • Portability - I carry mine around like it's a hardcover book. It I were a woman and had a purse, it would easily fit in there next to (or in place of!) the daily planner and Blackberry.
  • Price and Compatibility - It's under $300 and it's 99% compatible with proprietary applications such as Microsoft Office.

4 thoughts :

  1. Anonymous said...

    I've been following your blog since the first couple of days. I've been considering getting one of the 4GB models currently being sold at Best Buy. Thanks for listing both your pros and cons in your entries. It makes it easier to make the jump...

    From a school teacher in Oklahoma.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Your blog has been a great source of help to me, in putting off the purchase of an eeepc. I have been drooling over them since they were first announced, but cannot afford, or justify, buying one now. Your blog is the next best thing to test driving one!

    Thanks so much!

  3. cybormoron said...

    ah yes, they're working. glad you could fix it, john. it's a good thing you posted that forum link or i wouldn't have found you. here's an email icon generator site that seems like a good way to provide contact info and avoid the spambots. i don't know how good it works but i added one to my blog just in case.

    now to catch up on all my comments, hehe.

  4. John MacGibbon said...

    Great to have the comments capability back. There have been a few times I've felt like adding something. No time to say much now but just wanted to say I've appreciated your blog and some of your experiences have paralleled mine. I have a PC900 and love it to death.