Monday, December 15, 2008

Problems with Shell Console

Day 41

I was trying to work through some command line tutorials and the console kept messing with the text I was entering. Every few minutes it would start entering text with space between each letter so that it l o o k e d l i k e t h i s. Needless to say, my console commands didn't work very well.

I have no idea why this was happening, and that only added to the frustration. The only way to fix the problem was to close the shell and then open a new one.

1 thoughts :

  1. HitMeWithMuzak said...

    I don't know if you've figured this problem out yet, but if you haven't shif+space on the eee turns on that mode of typing, although I haven't the faintest idea why you would want to do that. There's a way of turning it off, but unfortunately I don't remember it, although I'm sure someone at eeeuser does.
    I love the blog!