Sunday, December 7, 2008

Strange icons

Day 33
Last night I noticed something strange while doing some last minute emailing before bed. Normally, the familiar green bars icon sits comfortably in my menu bar informing me that I have a good Internet connection. When I glanced down, I saw a different icon. I was still able to connect to the internet, so it wasn't a broken connection. I was actually quite paranoid that it was a cryptic message from Asus informing me that the government was reading my gmail, so I quickly restarted the laptop. When I reconnected, the green bar came back, and has remained ever since.

Any ideas?

2 thoughts :

  1. Nathan said...

    Looks like a no wired icon. Were you wireless at the time?

  2. John. said...

    Yeah, I was wireless. I hardwire in on occasion, and this isn't the same icon I get for that either.